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Pyt unicorn print, ionic hair dryer, best blow dryer

PYT Ionic Tourmaline Pro Dryer - Unicorn

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 PYT Ionic Tourmaline Pro Dryer - Unicorn

this Tourmaline Ionic Pro Hair Dryer, with beautiful and chick unicorn print is the biggest sensation in hair dryers! this super lightweight hair dryer is all you need to dry your hair for the perfect results!
This ionic dryer with a tourmaline-boosted ceramic system offers professional performance, just like in the salon! it gives you healthier styling and lasting results in a fraction of the time of other dryers. this strong dryer reduces drying time by up to 70%, resulting in healthier hair due to less exposure to heat.
Ceramic and tourmaline infused components harness far infrared heat and negative ions to dry hair faster while sealing moisture into the cuticle, and eliminating frizz for a smooth style that will last for days.

adjustable temperature 

far infrared heat 

healthy heat 

100% ceramic 

locks in moisture 

fast and easy to use 

ready in seconds 

salon tested 


designed with love in Brooklyn 


adjustable temperature - 3 heat & 2 speeds settings for any hair type


Ionic technology locks in moisture


negative ion technology generate healthy heat


tourmaline-infused concentrator for precise airflow


fast and easy to use - drastically reduces drying time up to 70%


tested by salons and hairdressers!




1875 watt motor with uniform heat distribution


engineered for all hair types


2.6 m. long swivel power cable


2 years warranty! (with option to extend)


designed with love in Brooklyn

Our technology for hairdryers:
Infrared technology: the infrared light heat the hair from the inside of the hair and reducing
damage on the outside.

    I love unicorn 🦄 😍 #blonde #hair #unicorn #capelli #capellilisci #capellimossi @pyt_italy www.pythaircare.com

    Posted by PYT ITALY on Sunday, May 6, 2018
      Tourmaline infused: tourmaline hair dryers emit infrared heat and negative ions, making
    the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish.

      Negative ions: negative ions help to break down the water molecule and dry your hair much
      faster, because of the new technology that helps to break down water.
      the Ionic Tourmaline Pro Dryer functionality:
      ● 3 heat & 2 speeds settings
      ● 2.6 m. long power cable swivel
      ● double voltage 110-240V, 105 / 60W Universal voltage
      ● Hook to hang in rubber on the base of the handle
      ● available colors: Black, unicorn print, zibra print
      ● Recommended temperatures:
      ○ low heat - thin/fragile hair
      ○ high heat - Thick/coarse hair
      ○ cool shot - finishes, lock in a curls

      I love unicorn 🦄 😍 #blonde #hair #unicorn #capelli #capellilisci #capellimossi @pyt_italy www.pythaircare.com

      Posted by PYT ITALY on Sunday, May 6, 2018
      if you own a hairdryer you probably use it on a daily basis to get your hair done for straightening or curls. the Ionic Tourmaline Pro Dryer will give you more! it won’t only dry your hair but also will do it faster, and keep it natural shine.
      the high voltage hair dryer, will allow you to shorter your getting ready time, prevent your hair damages from the long heating time and allow you to use it on a daily basis without any regrets!
      This hairdryer have 3 heat levels and 2 speeds settings, so you can start on one level and when you are 80% dry hair, switch to lower temperature for less damages for your hair. with the amazing combination for the 3 technologies- Infrared, Tourmaline infused and Negative ions, you will have the perfect hair, in minimum time and your hair will stay healthy and shiny!


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