PYT , Pretty Young Thing & Co.

Brooklyn , New York 

No matter the age, nationality or demographic, inside every woman is a Pretty Young Thing.

By offering the latest professional salon grade tools, a foundation of education and a compelling brand experience, the PYT brand gives women the power to bring out their inner PYT.


Fashion, Beauty and Hair

Being based in one of the fashion capitals of the world, PYT creates styling tools that look as though they just came off the runway.

PYT creates salon quality professional styling tools. The PYT line includes the latest innovations and technology that hair styling has to offer.


Every woman wants the same thing: To look and feel beautiful. But; why are we forced to schlep to the hairdresser to do so? Why not do your hair yourself, at home? Too difficult? Think again. Independence is what PYT Haircare stands for. We believe every woman (and man) should be able to save time and money with haircare that revolves around THEM. Why? Because you deserve better time management. Less stress. More financial savings. More access to more products that are professional, safe, and powerful. We stock exceptional products and tools engineered to keep your hair looking great 24/7. With PYT Haircare, YOU are in control. If you're ready to learn, we're ready to educate.

Start your PYT journey today.