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Aria Beauty Italia Prodotti per i capelli. Piastra e Arriccicapelli

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PYT Thermal Styling Brush - Pink

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Imagine opening it to find an elegant box with your new stylish hair straightening brush. When you hold the sleek and beautiful brush in your hand, you notice its curved lines and smooth surface. You can't wait to finally try it! Go ahead - plug it in and watch the LCD digital display show the temperature rising in seconds. Adjust it to your desired level, maybe lower to start with. Take a strand of hair and immerse the brush's teeth into it. Feel the softer silicone tips touching and massaging your scalp. Now run the brush along the full length of your hair strand. You love how it glides through with ease leaving your hair sleek and beautiful. Once you're done, check yourself out in the mirror. Admire your beautiful stylish hair. Appreciate the newfound simplicity and beauty in your hairstyling routine. Run your fingers through your hair for the softest feeling of lightness and silky smooth hair. It feels just like walking out the door of your favorite beauty salon with a smile, feeling beautiful. Smile at the compliments you receive from your girl friends. Are you surprised even men notice your gorgeous hair?

adjustable temperature 

far infrared heat 

healthy heat 

100% ceramic with silicon protection 

locks in moisture 

fast and easy to use 

ready in seconds 

salon tested 


designed with love in Brooklyn 


100% high grade ceramic plate 


Allowing for straight and volume. 


adjustable temperature from 140°f(60°c)-450°f(220°c) 


far infrared heat is extra gentle and reduces frizziness 


negative ions penetrate to the root exposing the hair to minimum heat


Ideal travel companion 


Easy grip heat resistant handle 


9 foot 360° swivel cord fil 


  • Avanzata tecnologia MCH di riscaldamento in ceramica fornisce una temperatura ottimale costante
  • Materiali plastici DuPont, sicurezza garantita dalle bruciature e scottature: Questa piastra per capelli è stata creata usando materiali plastici DuPont di qualità e un design brevettato che protegge l'utente da bruciature o scottature sulla testa o sulle mani. È sostenuta dal CE, FCC e dalle certificazioni ETL.
  • Tecnologia one-pass: assicura una elevata qualità in un solo passaggio


  • Raggiunge 230° 
  • Temperatura regolabile con display digitale


  • Adatto per una varietà di tipi di capelli 
  • Piastra e setole in ceramica 
  • Le punte di setole in silicone proteggono il cuoio capelluto dal caldo
  • Voltaggio universale per fornire la stessa prestazione eccezionale ovunque vi troviate nel mondo


  • Advanced MCH technology of ceramic heating provides an optimal constant temperature
  • DuPont plastic materials, guaranteed safety from burns and burns: This hair straightener was created using quality DuPont plastic materials and a patented design that protects the user from burns or burns on the head or hands. It is supported by the EC, FCC and ETL certifications.
  • One-pass technology: ensures high quality in one step


  • It reaches 230 °
  • Adjustable temperature with digital display



1. For optimal results, use only on dry and combed hair.
2. Make sure that the hair penetrates the innermost part of the brush.
3. Brush slowly with movements from top to bottom.



  • Suitable for a variety of hair types
  • Ceramic plate and bristles
  • The silicone bristle tips protect the scalp from the heat
  • Universal voltage to provide the same exceptional performance wherever you are in the world


Which woman has never dreamed of having a magic brush that can make her hair silky smooth in a single gesture? Thanks to the innovative smoothing brush it is possible to always be in order with little time. The results are: shiny, soft and voluminous hair. The product is not smooth with spaghetti like a normal plate, but this feature makes it possible to gain in volume for the crown. With silicone bristles, the brush makes it possible to smooth the hair while maintaining its natural volume; all without effort and in a few minutes. Easy to use, saves time while still ensuring hair protection at a constant temperature, thanks to the use of a high quality ceramic coating and flexible bristles to protect the scalp.

In addition, thanks to infrared technology, the heat released preserves the natural degree of moisture in the hair, thus protecting the scalp from possible damage. Finally, the charge of negative ions transforms frizzy and static hair into gorgeous, shiny and silky hair.


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