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PYT Ceramic Hair Straightener  - Peacok

PYT Ceramic Hair Straightener - Peacok

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We LOVE this fun and beautiful Peacock print high quality smoothing iron, because not only it is designed perfectly, but it also doses a great job! And the results? even in high humidity evening out - your hair styles will be perfect!
It will give you the smoothest and softest look you are looking for- straight, waves, curls, ringlets, flips, spirals, and ENDLESS fun hairstyles – all with this amazing Ceramic Hair Straightener!
Want to iron curly hair? this 33% faster heating time Hair Straightener is also very
lightweight and so easy to use! It will have the equal heat on your hair, so the results will be uniform!

adjustable temperature 

far infrared heat 

healthy heat 

100% ceramic 

locks in moisture 

fast and easy to use 

ready in seconds 

salon tested 


designed with love in Brooklyn 


Top rate 100% ceramic plates with infused tourmaline


The smoothing iron is fast and easy to use - ready in seconds!


 Infrared interior heat locks in moisture and reduces fizziness


Negative ions penetrate to the root, exposing the hair to minimum heat


Auto shut-off – 60 minutes after use


iron curly hair? Or wavy? It has adjustable temperature and temperature lock


dual voltage flat iron to handle all power sources (and vacation mood)


Easy grip heat resistant handle


Tested by salons and hair stylists!


The smoothing iron is ideal for straight, wavy and curly hair styling


Two years warranty! (and the option to extend)

Our best technology for Ceramic smoothing iron:
Ceramic Plates: The plats technology of heat is the one responsible for the perfect frizz-free,
soft and natural moisture. They are made of 100% superior ceramic, infused with
tourmaline, that generate far-infrared heat.
Tourmaline: The uniqe materials keeps the vivid of your hair and allows the smoothing iron
to distribute the heat evenly on your hair and produce negative ions naturally, as soon as it
meets heat.
Negative ions: eliminate frizz and smooth your hair for maximum shine, the negative ions
present in our straightener soften your hair!
Turbo Boost heat technology make the smoothing iron reaches 230° C in minutes. The
careful design of the with the temperature adjustment button allows to control the

temperature of the hair straightener, and when In use, gives it the perfect recovery for even
distribution of the heat and even locks the temperature so you won't have any accidental

The amazing smoothing iron functionality:
● 100% ceramics infused with tourmaline
● smoothing iron Heat level: 60°c- 232°c (140°f-450°f)
● Temperature lock to prevent accidental changes
● Auto shut-off – 60 minutes after use
● Width: 3.18 cm
● 2.6 m. long power cable swivel
● dual voltage flat iron 110-240V, 105 / 60W Universal voltage
● Hook to hang in rubber on the base of the handle
● Available colours: Peacock print, Unicorn print, Galaxy print, black, pink, violet

What more can we say about this crazy print smoothing iron?

  • Prints are so much fun when it comes to styling tools!
  • Not only that it’s so beautiful from the outside- the inside is what counts! We have
  • managed to get the important technologies in there!
  • The adjusted temperature means you can share this beautiful smoothing iron
  • because it fits all hair types!
  • Iron curly hair? Higher temperature, straight hair? Lower it down, you control it!
  • Don’t ever over thing if you left the flat iron on – it has auto shut off after 60
  • minutes!
  • The plats creates infrared heat, which allows to use less heat and get more results!

Fast, easy & professional styling simultaneously, all at your own home.
Crazy print or solid color? choose the one that fits your personality!
Create beautiful smooth or great curls in seconds, keeping your hair lovely and glossy!
Styling your hair while keeping it well-been is the new trend for healthy living!
Iron curly hair and don’t want the frizz that naturally comes with it?
The innovative ceramic plate, made of 100% ceramic, wrapped in the best and luxuries
materials in the market, gives a wonderful shiny and smooth look and feel of the hair,
without any frizz! All thanks to our technology, which is the heart of the smoothing iron.
If you use it on a daily basis or just once a week/ month, this smoothing iron will make sure
to keep your hair styled and beautiful.

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